FREE WEBINAR:  Dave Widi, CEO of The Solar Experts presents:
How To COMPLETELY Eliminate Your Electric Bills PLUS Receive Positive Cash Flow WITHOUT Spending Any Money Upfront!
Don't Go Solar 'Til You Watch This!
Get Educated On:
  •  How Solar Pays YOU For Sending Energy To The Grid
  •  How Going Solar Will Give You a Return on Investment of 3X The Stock Market Average!
  • How To Save Thousands of Dollars in Taxes
  • Why You Don't Have To Spend a Dime To Erase Your Energy Bills
  • Why “NOW” Is The Best Time To Go Solar
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Lease vs Purchase
Learn why leasing is a SCAM and actually costs you 3X as much.  You also don't have to spend a dime upfront in order to own a system and receive income payments from the federal government.
 Federal tax credits
Learn how you can receive THOUSANDS of dollars in tax credits by going solar, and WHY RIGHT NOW is the BEST TIME to go solar before these credits expire.
Solar Renewable Energy Credits
What is an SREC or Solar Renewable Energy Credit? Learn how you can get PAID for sending energy to the grid and how this will actually cover ALL the costs of your system and generate a positive cash flow.

Presented by The Solar Expert, Dave Widi

Dave is the CEO of The Solar Experts in Farmingdale, NJ.  He has personally helped hundreds of happy families completely eliminate their energy bills and replace them with a positive cash flow.  He loves to see his customers spend their extra money on the things that matter most to them: vacations, home improvements, college funds, or even extra retirement savings.
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